Free Weddings At
Unity Temple On The Plaza

What to Do First

Step One

Obtain a marriage license from the courthouse.

Step Two

Register online for day and time.

The ceremony will take place in one of our available chapels and be officiated by the ordained minister on duty for Simple Ceremonies that day.

Step Three

Choose from a short sampling of prayers (optional), vows, blessings, and ring exchange options.

See options below.

Simple Ceremony Options

Available Prayer/No Prayer, Vow, Ring Exchange, and Blessing Options

Unity Temple is pleased to offer free wedding ceremonies in our welcoming and beautiful chapels.
 The minister officiating is not compensated by the church, so a $100 minimum love offering is suggested to cover his/her time and administrative expenses.
If your budget cannot meet the $100, please let us know and we will work out something that is comfortable for you.

Opening Prayer or No Prayer

Option 1: No Prayer
Option 2: As we begin this ceremony, I now invite you to go to that special place within your hearts for our opening prayer. 
The bond of a marriage is a Holy Blessing in which the Almighty Spirit is present and active. 
Marriage is the ultimate symbol of love between two people. On this day we pray that _____ and _____ will continue to find in each other unconditional love and acceptance. 
May they begin each day anew, being free of any conflict or competing force so that their lives blend into harmony and oneness. 
May they easily forgive the transgressions of the past, be supportive of each other in the present moment and be a source of hope and faith to each other in the future. 
For this we pray, in the name of the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. 


Option 1: No vows.
Option 2: I, _____, take you, _____, to be my _______, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, to love and to cherish and to be faithful to you alone, as long as we both shall live.

Exchange of Rings

Option 1: No ring exchange
Option 2: _____, I give you this ring as a symbol of the vows we have made.


Option 1: No blessing
Option 2: May these vows and this marriage be blessed. 
May life together be easy. 
May this marriage offer refuge and comfort from life’s turbulent storms. 
May you sing together, dance together, laugh together, pray together in good times and bad. 
May each of you hold sacred the uniqueness of the other and do what you can to nurture it. 
May all these things be yours and more.

Pronouncement (mandatory)

Option 1: ______ and _______,
Under the authority vested in me by this state, and with the Blessings of God, the Holy Spirit who performs every true marriage, I now pronounce you [husband/wife] and [husband/wife].
You may kiss to seal this very special union.
Option 2: ______ and _______,
Under the authority vested in me by this state, I now pronounce you [husband/wife] and [husband/wife].
You may kiss to seal this very special union.

Please keep in mind this is a simple courthouse style wedding. With that in mind see guidelines below:
• Couples arrive dressed and ready for their ceremony a few minutes before the scheduled time
• Minister officiating their ceremony will greet them in the lobby and take them to the chapel
• We allot 15 minutes for the ceremony and photos
• Maximum of 15 guests may attend

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